SCI Pharmtech Inc., founded by Switzerland-based Siegfried Ltd. in 1987, is now a public company listed at Taiwan Stock Exchange.

Since 1989, SCI has satisfied worldwide customers with quality and cost-effective APIs, advanced intermediates, and custom


Our fully equipped research laboratories, pilot and production plants and experienced staff ensure timely development and cost effective


We work with pharmaceutical and specialty companies worldwide to develop key intermediates, APIs and custom products.

Our facility is FDA,EDQM and Taiwan TFDA inspected, designed for multi-purpose, full-scale manufacturing.

We care for product quality, safety and environment protection.

We are OHSAS 18001,ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

We have:

Stirred-tank reactors

26 in SS316
30 in G/L
3 in Hastelloy
2,000~12,000 liters each,
Total vol. = 302,000 L
Temperature = -20 ~ 200℃
Pressure: up to 20 bars

Continuous reactor

Continuous reactor

Supportive systems

Purified water system
Steam/hot-oil boilers
Power generators for back-up
Waste treatment facilities

Centrifuges (in clean areas)

2 horizontal in Hastelloy
2 horizontal in Stainless Steel
1 vertical in SS316
1 vertical Teflon-coated

Driers (in clean rooms)

1 Spherical in Hastelloy
4 Rotary in SS316

Mills (in clean rooms)

Jet mill

Distillation systems

4 x 8,000 L in SS316 up to 29 theoretical plates
1 x 6,000 L in SS316 Vacuum: down to 0.1 torr.
1 x 4,000 L in SS316 Temperature: up to 200 ℃
1 x 4,000 L in G/L
3 x 5,000 L in SS316

In-process analytical lab.

3 shifts/day coverage
Qualified instruments
Validated methods

With over 200 experienced and professional employees, state-of-the-art equipment,

research labs and pilot plant, we handle various reactions in batchwise and continuous operations.

We operate under cGMP and ICH guidelines.

Reactions we are good at:




Friedel-Crafts Reaction




Catalytic Ketone Synthesis

Chemical Reduction            

Knovenagel Condensation

Mannich Reaction        

Chiral Resolution/Transformation




Wittig Reaction


Month/Year Events

Sep., 1987

Established by Siegfried (Switzerland) Group as anintermdeiates provider in Asia. Siegfried owned 80%

Dec., 1989

Production commenced.

April, 1996

Siegfried Group acquired 100% of shares

Nov., 1999

ISO 14001 certified

April, 2001
Oct., 2001

Mercuries group acquired 80% of shares
ISO 9001 certified

April, 2002

Company name changed to “SCI Pharmtech Inc” 35 products commercialized

Jan., 2004
June, 2004

Listed on Taiwan stock exchange market
Inspected by Taiwan health authorities

Nov., 2005

Inspected by US FDA

June, 2008

Established Nanjing SCI Pharmtech Ltd in Nanjing, China

May, 2010
Nov.,  2010

OHSAS 18001 certified
Inspected by EDQM

April, 2012
Sep., 2012

Inspected by US FDA
Inspected by KFDA

March, 2013
June, 2013

Liquidated Nanjing SCI Pharmtech Ltd in Nanjing, China
Established Yushan Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Dec., 2014
Oct., 2018

Inspected by US FDA
Rated perfect bonded warehouse by Taiwan customs, and keeps maintaining the status