Environmental and Safety Policy

In 1987, SCI PHARMTECH, INC was completed establishment to serve industries worldwide.

Our main business is manufacturing active pharmaceutical ingredients and specialty chemicals to be supplied to pharmaceutical or

chemical plants.

The major equipment we use includes reactors, distillation units, kettles, millers, dryers, etc.

The generated wastes with environmental impact are volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), wastewater, waste solvents, general

industrial waste, etc.

The major occupational health and safety (hereafter safety) risks are accidents caused By equipment, hazardous chemicals, flammable

chemicals, human errors, power  failure, etc.

We are an environmental conscious manufacturer and commit ourselves to general environmental protection and employees safety in

addition to supply quality products.

We place environmental protection and employee’s safety on our high priority list.

We have installed waste handling equipment to reduce/eliminate VOC’s and wastewater. Additionally, we contract certified waste

management companies to dispose, recover, or incinerate our waste solvents or general industrial waste.

To reduce accidents to the minimum, we have implemented preventive maintenance and know-hazards  training program.

We require our employees to follow written standard operation procedures strictly; the operators are required to wear/use appropriate

personal protective garment/equipment at all time. As a responsible care company, we oblige ourselves to the following:

1. The line supervisors are responsible to enforce the environmental and safety policies. They review environmental and safety practices

periodically; they enforce the policies by a “Plan-Doing-Check-Action” management cycle.

2. We educated our employees about environmental and safety policies on a continuous basis to ensure that all employees are following

these policies faithfully.

3. We strive to comply with environmental and safety regulations; we have developed numerous standard operation procedures and

measures to protect our employees, public interests, and environment.

4. We strive to eliminate pollutions and hazards, and constantly improve our practices.

5. We proclaim our policies and control measures to our employees, suppliers, contractors, neighbors, environmental groups, and


6. We furnish our customers with safety information regarding transportation, use, and disposal of our products.

We continuously review our objectives and practices to ensure our established environmental and safety goals are achieved.

We are determined to enforce them faithfully to protect our environment, employees, and public interests. The politics are documented

and are available for public review.






Outcomes of our effort

..ISO 14001 certified in 1999

...Permits granted by local authorities:

  1. Permits for fixed pollution source

  2. Permits for wastewater plant

  3. Permits for importing toxic chemicals

Our Commitment

SCI deems EHS work of the same importance as product quality, both are critical for business success.

We commit ourselves to an everlasting business through proactive EHS efforts.